Entertainer List Celebrate the Nations April 12th 2014!!

Coming to the Global Mall Stage
Coming to the Global Mall Stage

Thanks to Festival of the Nations Director of Entertainment LJ Tufo, we present some of the awesome performers for the April 12th event!
List of Performers
  • Popular Host & MC and Latin Artist- Adrian Longoria (Main Event Stage)
  • Popular Host, MC & Artist from the Philippines:  Alicia Lundquist
  • Kurdish Dancers  (Tabeer Taabur)
  • Alison Brazil Band and Dancers from El Savador & Egypt from Glencliffe High School
  • Dance & Song from the Philippines
  • Yolanda Lopez-  Song & Dance along with Zumba flair
  • Jamaican Cultural Group with Camille Swanagan
  • Amerigo Vespucci Society- Songs from Italy- Constantino DiVencenzo & Enzo Caliente
  • Darshi Kahlon and Dancers from India
  • Marcus Lucas Black Cherokee Nation Mime Dance
  • African Drummers
  • Dr. Ming Wang- China (Instrumental) along with Carlos Enrique from Puerto Rico
  • Native American Dance
  • Johnny Vasquez- Guatemala  Singing
  • Luna Moreno – Mexico
  • Yirelys Quinones- Hispanic Dance
  • Daniela Alvarez- Venezuela Dance
  • Ahmed Aljuraiyan – Saudi Arabia- Song & Dance

So excited that all these great performers are a part!! I hope everyone comes with a friend to enjoy the show!!